Students urged to behave as heroes in the making

The students of University of Rwanda Huye campus were urged to understand that they are heroes in the making which means they should strive for being heroes. This call was made on 10th February 2016 during a talk in the perspective of the celebration of Heroism Day, which is on every 01 February.

In his welcome remarks, Dr. Alphonse Muleefu, Ag. Principal of the College of Arts and Social Sciences indicated that any Rwandan can strive for being a hero considering the defined characteristics of heroism.

Mr. Straton Nsanzabaganwa, a member of the Chancellery for Heroes, National Order and Decoration of Honour explained that people become heroes depending on how they behave in their daily activities. “Heroism is about striving for the common interest, fighting evil, making sacrifice for others even to extent of losing one’s life. Irrespective of the nature of what you do, you are potential candidates because heroism is not about age, size, job or any other factor rather it’s all about behavior”, Said Mr.Nsanzabaganwa. By illustration, he presented the case of Nyange Secondary School students who were murdered during an attack in 1997 following their refusal to stand according to their ethnic groups as it was ordered by killers.

Chief Superintendent Francis Muheto ,Huye District Police Commander who also addressed students, his presentation focused on his testimony about outstanding deeds of Rwandan heroes whom he met. He depicted how some Rwandans left their wealth or managerial positions to struggle for the liberation of Rwanda. He concluded by a message asking students to start the journey of heroism. “The time to become heroes is not tomorrow; it’s today, you are heroes in the making and all it requires to become heroes is at your disposal”, he urged students.

During the exchange session, students asked questions and gave their point of view around the topic of heroism. This year’s theme which guided the talk is: “Strive for Heroism, Build a better Future.”

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